Production of glass consists of:

Extrusion film

The possibility of making films in a maximum of 5 layers, up to 3 types of materials and colors 2.

The width of the film to a maximum of 800mm and thickness of 0.5mm sheet of 2.0mm.


Design glass

It takes place on the lines for thermoforming.

The diameters of the cup for yogurt are 68, 73, 75 and 79 mm. The volume of glass from 70ml to 500ml.

The diameters of the drinking glasses are 73.3 and 95 mm. The volume of glass from 150ml to 500ml.

The types of decoration

Glasses decorate dry offset printing process using standard or laser-made cliches.

Sleeving is done using PET and OPS shrink wrapping and labeling paper or plastic self-adhesive labels.

We have our own graphic design department, which adapts to each form cup and made the necessary cliches for printing.